An Accelerated Leadership Training for Women

An Accelerated Leadership Training

for Women


Hello Magnificent Women, 

There are no accidents that you are here.You are

invited to a new paradigm feminine leadership

training with Spiritual counselor and Master coach

Anahita Joon. 

You are here because you have felt the inner

promptings that it's time for change, the kind of

change that comes from inside and liberates not

only you but also allows you to make a positive


Are you ready to reclaim yourself and serve the world?

If you are thinking I am supposed to be doing

something, but I am not clear… Then you are in the

right place.

If you have a sense for what you should be doing

and it feels like too much or unrealistic you are also

in the right place.

Even though things may seem uncertain…

REMEMBER you were made for these times and you

burn brighter than any fire, ever.

"I really wanted to connect with my own desire versus programming, upbringing, or expectations of others. I was a corporate executive and type A driven person, as I still am, but it’s different now. There’s ease. I feel whole. If you want to connect with who you really are and step out of old patterns, this program will absolutely do that for you. If you feel it and you’re scared, you just have to say “YES”. That’s what I did! I don’t regret it. It’s not a flighting feeling; it’s a cell change and I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.”

- Lizzie, Corporate Executive

For 90 days we will go deep in intimacy and  sisterhood. It is time you learn how to lead from the feminine principle, the life giving force of this world as you activate your feminine power, connect it to your leadership and your purpose and see how your life will never be the same again.

This is not about adding something to you or improving you, in fact it is quite the opposite.

You will learn things that seem obvious once you learn and practice them, but are so hidden and scared by the systems we live in that you'd never have thought of it yourself.

If you have courageously been doing your inner work, this is the time it all comes together, this the time you lay down all the stories and remember why you are alive at this is the time.

It is time to come fully out of your comfort zone and stand in your power with clarity and confidence.

It is time to rise and rise and to embrace the power you have always had all along. 


Day 1-30

You will activate the Life force and learn how to master your guidance system of aliveness.


  • Creating a new relationship with receiving.
  • Activating breath and activating sounds.
  • The physical movement practice.
  • Consciousness and Integration.
  • Learning the language of the body.
  • Clearing fight or flight from the body.
  • Accessing the body's navigation system.
  • Making decisions based on aliveness.

Day 30-60

You will learn how to use your life force to become a clear vessel.


  • Learning how to work with stress or contraction in the body as an ally.
  • Tantric breath for conscious partnering with your life force.
  • Beyond Story: Unwinding long held trauma from the body.
  • The practice of accessing the subconscious through subconscious writing.
  • Learning to feel deeply as an access to power.

Day 60-90

We will deepen into the Rhythms of Creation/Manifestation.


  • Understanding the Elements of Creation
  • Learning where you are at any given moment in your creation.
  • Creating your elemental routines.
  • How to move through resistance.
  • The eros of manifestation.

How the program is organized:

  • Each month you will receive your recorded modules to do on your own time. Then we get together 2 x month live (for 60 minutes) so I can answer your question and help you integrate. You can come to the calls no matter where you are with the modules, since you have autonomy over pacing yourself. 

  • Daily emails in your inbox (for 90 days) to keep you engaged and connected with the teachings, your vision and mission.

  • Ongoing support in the Forum from Anahita, the coaches and the community of womxyn

- 2 Live Calls per month with Anahita

-  1 Live Integration Call and Q&A Call

- Private Facebook group for ongoing support and coaching.

- Peer support of like hearted sisters.

- Daily emails to keep you engaged in the energy of our accelerated RISE.

(Class times will be sent to you upon registration)


Bonus Mentor sessions  $997

Michael Beckwith
Sacred Leadership

Gay Hendricks
Making the Unconscious Conscious

Seane Corn 
Sacred Leadership
Nilima Bhat
The Feminine & Masculine in Leadership

Ariel Spilsbury
Divine Feminine Leadership

Sofia Thom
Divine Sensuality
Eva Clay 
The Neuroscience of Self-Care

Veronica Krestow
Spiritual Leadership

Elayne Doughty
Divine Feminine & Sisterhood
Kc Baker 
The Power of Your Voice

John Perkins
Sacred Leadership

The Safety Practice $197:

A pillar of Beauty Unleashed -  Anahita’s Signature program - An extremely powerful embodiment practice  aligning your root  center, heart and throat with the earth and the cosmos to  empower you in radical self expression.

3- Day Live Event Ticket  $797

Private archetypal Assessment Coaching Call $197

Your Investment

"To any woman considering working with Anahita, it is a very powerful experience. As women in Western society, we have so many spoken and unspoken rules that hold us in containers that don’t serve us and do not allow us to rise to our full potential and serve at the level of impact that we wish to. And when we are in a place of owning our magnificence, our radiance, we create power wherever we go and we draw people to us. And so, for any woman- especially on a mission, a worldchanging mission or has a big vision to impact other women on the planet, this is a must.”

- Bex Burton, Love Coach

"Anahita is an incredibly safe space to do the deep work us women require to meet ourselves and step into the abundance of who we are."

- Azaria Ulmer , Ancient Wisdom Minister

"Anahita is a genius– a brilliant sorceress of feminine superpowers. She makes a powerful stand for every woman’s success and refuses to believe in limits.”

- Eva Clay, Sexuality Teacher

“Working with Anahita has been nothing short of a personal revolution. The most beautiful part is that, like all transformation, she is able to meet you just where you are, and can go as far as you are willing to go. Her very presence feels like a good, long, invigorating stretch into who you are capable of being.”

- Andrea Scarborough, Master Stylist, Featured Vogue and Goop

“I work in high tech and I was limiting my femininity in order to fit in. I learned to be free. I learned to step into my feminine leadership and I am so grateful for this- beyond what words could describe. This program gives you the key to unlocking your treasure box to all aspects of yourself.”

- Mina, IT Executive

“Knowing I have all the power inside me that’s been the biggest awakening that I’ve gotten through this journey. Say “YES” to yourself. When you say “YES” to yourself, it opens so much abundance for everything else to come in.”

- Jill, Seasonal Sales Manager & Dream Coach

“The biggest transformation for me is really feeling not like a little girl anymore, not like an employee anymore but really touching the space in me that is a full woman; an expressed woman, someone who is in equal power and partner with a man.”

- Sarah, Career Transition Coach
Your Investment

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

- Martha Graham

About Anahita Joon

Anahita Joon is a modern-day priestess, healer, medicine woman, and credentialed spiritual counselor. Born into Iran’s Islamic Revolution, her work today is the culmination of over 25 years of intensive study with mystic masters and shamans, social research, and over 10 years of her own teaching and facilitation. As a Feminine Leadership mentor, Anahita activates the sacred leadership of women, leaving no stone unturned in awakening and unleashing the force of nature every woman carries within.

My Guarantee

If you show up for 80% of the calls and do at least 80% of the work and  aren’t clear and empowered in a new way to Love forward, you get to go through again.

If you show up for 80% again and do at least 80% of the  work and aren’t 100% satisfied, I will  give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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